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Melissa and Mike Cirino, Gloucester Cruiseport, 4/29/12

We are so incredibly thrilled with our video! Mike and I were hesitant to have a videographer at our wedding. We wanted the day to feel natural and the idea of bright lights in our faces or a videographer telling us to "redo" our cake cutting "for the camera" was the opposite of what we wanted for our wedding day. Hiring a videographer was one of the very last things we did in our planning process--a hesitant last decision "just in case" we regretted not having a video of our big day. We are thrilled to say it was one of our best decisions! There is so much we missed during the day--and Tim did such a wonderful job capturing so many of these precious moments that we will have forever. Glances between my grandparents, Mike's face when I walked down the aisle, our 2 year old ring-bearer in action. Tim made us feel so comfortable. We hardly noticed he was there! His laid-back attitude was perfect. He also worked amazingly well with our photographers. We received our trailer within a week of our wedding and the DVDs followed within 1 month. Amazing turn-around for such a high-level, beautifully artistic documentary of our wedding day. Thank you so much! We highly recommend you!!


Mollie & Johnny Antonelli, Hyatt Harborside, Boston, MA,November, 5, 2011

We cannot say this enough but Tim's work is absolutely incredible! We both have decided hiring Tim was the best decision we ever made in our wedding planning process. We were so happy to have him there to capture every precious moment. As most brides and grooms know the night goes by faster than you could ever imagine, with his amazing coverage we are able to relive our wedding. We now have something to take us back to our very special day. The sound is perfectly clear, the picture sharp as ever and the music flows wonderfully with each scene. He is a true cinematic genius!! Tim was able to implement a xylophone solo played by our nephew at the ceremony into the background music. The extra thought Tim put into this truly shows how much he cares about his work. Hearing that sound brought us back to our wedding and we could feel the love and emotions that were present with us that day. The quality of the DVDs is amazing and he puts so much care into making the covers and cases a pefect glimpse of the film. We have received overwhelming positive feedback from our trailer video and we can't wait to share our full video with family and friends. His work, professionalism and expertise will be highly recommended as we are very satisfied clients. We appreciate all the dedication he committed to our day and over the past year. He has a true love for what he does and it shows in his finished products. It was great getting to know Tim and we wouldn't have wanted anyone else with us as we celebrated this day. He worked great with our photographer Rachel and made everything flow seamlessly. We are so happy we extended his coverage for prep and dances as he got some memorable moments we couldn't live without. Tim went above and beyond for us and we can't thank him enough! If only he could film every special moment in our lives! These DVDs will be cherished forever. It's the best movie we have ever seen! Thank you Tim for letting us welcome you into our special day!


Ashley and John, Café Escadrille, October 22, 2011

My husband and I cannot say enough about the artistic quality, meticulousness, and care of Tim's work, and we agree that this was the best decision we made for our wedding. Initially, we were on the fence about hiring a videographer, but once we decided to do it, Tim Bakland was the clear choice from all the reviews we had read online. He made the entire process so easy and took care of every detail, and he was literally willing to go the extra mile (drove all the way to the hotel where I was getting ready, 30 minutes out of the way, just to capture my wedding prep shots!). We just received the DVDs back from the wedding and cannot believe how tastefully Tim put all of our special moments together – from the wedding prep, to the Mass, to the reception – the footage is absolutely thorough and set in motion exactly to our style choice. If you are also on the fence about hiring a videographer as we were, I would absolutely recommend Tim's services. He will capture every moment so that you can always look back on your whirlwind of a day and appreciate every last detail, and as a bride I can assure you his professionalism makes him one wedding vendor you will NOT have to worry about! Can't say enough! Thank you again Tim!!!!


Gabrielle & Tim, Boston Public Library, June 24, 2011

The film that Tim captured and put together was way beyond our expectations. The film was beautifully shot and thoughtfully put together to really capture our day. The way that Tim was able to compile all the best moments and make them flow in our trailer was amazing. Every one of us cried after viewing the trailer and couldn't wait to see the entire film (which was also fantastic!). Tim really captured the energy of the day, with each part of them film having its own tone. I really liked that there were parts of the film where images and sounds were layered on top of one another while other portions were events exactly as they happened. Tim gave just enough direction in the film so that I knew what he needed and he was able to get the shot he needed to in order to capture the moment. It was great that he stayed in the background for most of the day and just added in what he needed here and there. It made the process simple and stressless for me the day of the wedding yet I still got a timeless video of my wedding! Everything down to the DVD cover and disc was personalized and beautifully laid out. Thanks for everything Tim!


Abigail and Dipen Patel, The Four Seasons, Boston, October 9, 2010

The overall quality of our film is extraordinary. Tim's work completely conveys the feel of our Christian ceremony and cultural reception. Our favorite parts are the artistic editing that Tim did. A few clips are made to look like an old fashioned movie and we loved that. Some moments fade out to other moments - a lingering smile, a gentle kiss which is so appropriate for those moments. My husband and I recited our vows from memory and Tim had us rerecord them when we were alone in a room for a few minutes during the reception because the church's mic didn't pick up the sound as well as Tim wanted. He is so detail oriented and careful with his work. We were pleased that he cared enough to take the time to have us repeat our vows so that they would sound perfect in the video - and they did. Tim was always professional and a calm, unobtrusive presence the entire day. He was kind and gave direction on occasion in order to capture a more perfect image. The video itself is incredible. It flows well and the music is edited perfectly to the beat of the dances that we did. There is a shot where I am walking across a busy Boston street and the beat of my walk and the beat of the song are in sync. It's touches like that that make Tim's work so personal and complete. The DVD menu and cover is beautiful and Tim included our wedding colors and our logo. It is perfection. He included 3 copies which was very thoughtful as we kept one and gave a copy to each set of parents. I can honestly say that I have no critiques for Tim's presence, work and communication with us as we worked with him before and after the wedding. We can't say enough good things about Tim's work. From his attire on the day of our wedding to him following up with us to be sure we received the DVD - it was all seamless and professional. I'm so thankful we found Tim to be our videographer. If I had to choose between still photos and a video like Tim's, it would be to have a video like Tim's - no question. I'm very excited about our video and can't wait to share it with family and friends thru the webhosting - something that Tim offers, as well.


Michelle (and David) Komm, Turner Hill Country Club, Ipswich MA, June, 2010

Perfection! Everything about Tim was true perfection. Right from our first meeting I could tell that I really liked Tim. I actually didn't even think that I wanted a wedding video and now I am soooo glad that my mom insisted! He was so lovely to work with on the day of the wedding. It was actually sad to me that we could not spend more time with him. His style was so unobtrusive. Most people said that they didn't even know he was there. When Tim sent us a sneak preview of our wedding video I was in awe. His work was so beautiful and it captured our wedding perfectly. I just kept watching it over and over again. The wedding Highlights are stunning and so well done. We have shared the video with many of our friends and family and they are all so impressed. There is not one thing that I don't adore regarding the film. I really cannot thank Tim enough!

(Continued comments from mother of the bride)

Tim's artistry shines through in his work. He added so many little details that truly captured the essence and romance of the day and of the venue, Turner Hill. Between the music that my daughter and her husband chose for their wedding, the music that Tim chose to complement theirs, and the way in which he incorporated them into the Montage Highlights and the running footage is evidence of Tim's many talents. There just are not enough adjectives to describe how thrilled we are with everything Tim recorded and how he edited it. And I barely saw Tim the entire time he was there!! He really knows how to stay in the background, yet gets all the moments you want captured. We received many notes back from our friends and family who viewed the Highlights through an on-line link, and everyone commented on "how beautiful" it was. People felt like they were there all over again. Tim does amazing work!! And he is the nicest person to do business with because he cares about his clients and the quality of his work. He is very available to answer any and all questions and does so in a very timely manner. At the moment that we saw the "trailer" that Tim sent we knew we were in for a real treat when the video was complete, and I knew right then that I wanted to have Tim video our son's wedding as well. We had the complete Highlights and running footage, in a beautifully packaged disc case with pictures of our daughter and son-in-law, three weeks after the wedding. I found Tim through his web site, which is what sold me on him. The sample videos he has on line are perfect examples of his work, and there are quite a few to view. Those samples and the many reviews, like this one, were all so positive that I felt extremely comfortable hiring him to video record our daughter's wedding. And we are so pleased that we did. We can't thank Tim enough for his expertise, his talent, and his kindness.


Laura & Chris Hyatt, Cruiseport, Gloucester, MA, 8-14-10

Our wedding film is everything I wanted and so very much more. Watching Tim's film of our wedding is like watching myself, my husband, our family and friends transported into a Hollywood film. It is a work of art, perfectly executed and of unbelievable quality. Tim worked from the best angles capturing emotions and moments that you notice only by watching on film. It is so touching and amazing that Tim was able to film such a special occasion in a way that feels as though he knows us intimately. That takes unbelievable skill, talent, natural intuition, and passion. I love the artistic touches - black and white images that transition to color, the vintage edits, perfect edits, the timing and attention to detail synchornizing music, lyrics and shots. I love the video more than the photography, which I never expected. As I watch Tim's filming I want to freeze his shots and print them as photos because they're perfect. More importantly than conveying the feel of our event, Tim conveyed us. The emotions of your wedding day cannot be recreated and having this film means so much to me.Julie & Mark Ruane, Danversport Yacht Club, 6-12-10We are so happy with the finished product from our special day. It really and truly did capture some of those moments that went by too quickly. The video Tim put together for us will forever be a reminder of how special our wedding day was. We have already watched it several times and shared it with our family and friends. We have posted the link to the highlight video on Facebook and emailed to friends and family. Everyone has loved it!!! The music, the quality, etc was all perfect. We will always be able to look back and relive our day thanks to this incredible video. We really and truly can't express how happy we are with Tim's work. Thank you!!


Fabio & Daniella Cattarinich, Venezia's of East Boston, 5-30-10

I'm really happy to write this comment on your fabulous work, because everyone has to know about the great job you did and what kind of professional man you are! Yestarday we recived the DVD and I can't count how many times we have alredy wacthed the hightlights montage. Daniela and I are very happy-- thanks to you, this memory will be with us forever! I really wish you the best! Fabio


Kathleen Roman (on her daughter's wedding) at the State Room in Boston, 1/1/10

Tim....your work is amazing. I had 2 nephews who had you do their wedding video. Each one was unique and beautiful. So when my daughter Laurie was getting married I knew I wanted you to videotape it. Even though the State Room was charging me an extra $500 to use an outside vendor I knew you would be worth it and I was right! The video told the story I was looking for. As the mother of the bride I was so busy that evening I felt like I wasn't getting a full grasp of the night. While watching your video I finally felt like I got to see my daughter's wedding. You have a very unique way of grasping the theme of the night. To be honest with you, I enjoyed your video more than the pictures. Thank you so much for everything. I will treasure this forever. I have recommended you to everyone!


Sarah and Marcus LaPointe, Abington, MA & Lombardo's, 10-10-09

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we really weren't planning on getting a videographer. After several of our friends got married and used Tim as their videographer, we could not imagine NOT getting one. Tim was extremely helpful and patient with a stressed out bride and when I emailed several questions to him, he even picked up the phone and called me to try to ease my anxiety. Everyone at the wedding commented on how you could hardly tell that there was a videographer there because Tim always seemed in the background yet he caught the best moments of our big day on tape. One moment that photographs can not capture, (and I couldn't see) was the look on my husbands face as he first saw me walk through the chu! rch doors and head down the aisle. Due to people standing, I couldn't see him right away but he could see me. To me, that is priceless to see his face transform from being so nervous, to the huge grin on his face when he sees me. No photograph could ever capture such a moment. We am forever grateful to Tim for putting together such an unbelievable video in the best quality. It was very cool getting the DVD in the mail with the DVD cover of us, and a menu like a real movie. The editing that Tim does shows his true talent for videography and we could not be happier. After the wedding was said and done, my husband and I have run over in our minds all of the things that we did and what we would have done differently if we had to do it over again. One thing we both are 100% in agreement with is that we would hire Tim again. We HIGHLY recommend Tim to anyone who wants a special event in their life captured forever. Thank you Tim for giving us this amazing gift.


Brittany and Brian Minnehan, B.U. Chapel, Cambridge Hyatt, MA, 8/22/09

The quality is perfect - very professional. Tim caught all the great, big moments on video in addition to all the smaller moments when we all thought no one was watching. My favorite part really is the "Welcome highlights". I'm so happy that we decided last minute to have Tim come for some of the prep - I didn't realize there'd be some special moments that I'd want to remember and he was there for them and put them together beautifully. Also, the dance footage is definitely high on my list of favorites. He caught the energy (and goofiness of our friends and family) perfectly. Tim was very patient with us and ran around after us all thru the city as we took photos in different locations. He also gave my husband and the groomsmen much anticipated updates on the Sox/Yankees game (which the Sox WON). Overall, Tim was great to have and one of my favorite vendors to work with espcially now that I have seen the finished product.


Rhiannon & Chris Scioscio, Hartford, CT, 7/25/09

My husband, Chris and I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the video that Tim put together for our special day. From the moment we were engaged, he was the first vendor that we booked because we had seen the work he'd done for two other couples that we know. Needless to say, we were very impressed with his work! Not only is he super friendly and easy to work with(my photographers also agreed!), he is a true professional with an eye for capturing the emotion and special moments of your wedding day. We were so excited to receive the DVD's in the mail and as we watched it for the first time together, we both were in awe of how he captured the day. The day goes by in a blink of an eye, and yet as we watched the video, it! was as if we were there to relive it again. We loved the smooth transitions and the way he carefully edited the footage to match the mood and tempo of the songs that we chose to have played in the background. It was seamless and really, just beautiful! We loved the mix of black and white footage with the color. It was hard to believe that he captured all that he did because during the wedding, he was completely unobtrusive. This was so important to us and our guests, who never once felt that they were being "watched". Tim, thank you for your hard work and patience with us. You were so open to our ideas and always asked for our opinions. We really appreciate what you do and will forever treasure the work that you have done for us. Bravo!


Shelley & Steve Howard, Chelmsford Radisson, MA, 7/18/09

Hi Tim, We received the dvds, and we love them. You did a fantastic job w/the design of the DVD and the box. We love the pictures you chose. Very Romantic! The quality of the DVD is perfect. You were able to get all of the important moments, and I don't remember seeing you at the reception. You were very unobtrusive. We will be happy to recommend you to others we know that are getting married. Thank you so much. Shelley Howard


April and Ryan Romano, Wentworth by the Sea Country Club, Rye, NH, 7/11/09

The overall quality exceeds our expectations. It perfectly captures every moment of the event- it includes both the formal/sentimental pieces as well as the informal/goofy moments behind the scenes and they are put together tastefully. My favorite part is the opening montage. It is such a great way to see a snap-shot view of the day! Tim was professional and helpful every step of the way. Before the wedding he was clear on what he needed from us and kept open lines of communication. The day of, his presence was felt but not over-powering. He blended in nicely and it felt natural having him there. Tim worked with my brother at his wedding and we were pleased with the product he made for him. We were even more pleased to have the personal relationship and work with Tim on our own. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone. Tim has a gift for capturing the moments as they happen and making them look artistic in the final product. The cover photos and menu options are a perfect fit for the theme of our day. Tim honored all of our requests for music and made even the most unlikely combinations of songs fit seemlessly. He even added a few extra that tied everything together for us! I cannot say enough good things about Tim and his work. We are grateful for having the opportunity to work with such an amazing artist!


Sarah and Michael Picciolo, Danversport Yacht Club, 8/31/08

Tim has been extremely helpful, patient and a pleasure to work with. He was very professional at the wedding and non-intrusive, which was nice. He has truly seemed to enjoy working on our video from start to finish and I have never felt that I am bothering him when I contact him (which has been many times!) I love the feel of the video, and the fact that he picked up on many of the little details. He was there for all the big moments but was able to capture the mood of the day and the ambience as well. He did such a wonderful job on my father/daughter montage that I knew I had to have him do my wedding video as well. I had a certain vision in my head of how I wanted that video, and he was able to capture it. I couldn't imagine anyone doing a better job than he did on both that video and our wedding video. The highlight montage is wonderful; he followed all my criteria and included everything I wanted to have included (song choice, specific shots, e! tc.) and worked with me closely to make sure I got exactly what I want. Even after the wedding he has been in contact with me, answering my questions and trying to help out in whatever way possible. Tim definitely goes "above and beyond" for his customer, and I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat, whether it is for a wedding or any other special event. I really can't think of anything I would have wanted him to do differently. Thank you!!!!


Krysta and Raùl Cariboni, Vernon, CT and Aqua Turf. 7/26/08

We cannot praise you enough for the beautiful video. As we were watching it, we were brought back to our wedding day, and you were able to capture every moment so beautifully. The photo montage to the music is gorgeous, and we love how you took the time to make the video clips fit with the music so well. Then the actual footage with our voices was great to watch, as we were able to relive all the moments and converstations that we almost forgot about.We showed most of the wedding party and our families the video already, and everybody absolutely loves it. We are all so impressed with the editing you did (such as the black and white picture of me with the bridesmaids with just their royal blue dresses in color). Those small touches made the video that much more special.Raul and I really enjoyed working with you. You were so professional and easy to work with. We will highly recommend you to everyone we know...several people commented that it was the nicest wedding video they had seen. I know watching my video was enough for my maid of honor to contact you for her upcoming wedding! Again, thank you for putting together such an amazing highlight of our day...that video will be cherished for years and generations to come!


Liz and Matt Howell, Annisquam Yacht Club, Gloucester, MA, 6/14/08

Of all the choices related to our marriage celebration, working with Tim turned out to be one of our best decisions. We just enjoyed our day and let Tim take care of everything...then we received our perfect video in the mail. After the craziness of the wedding had subsided, our video was one extra gift for us to look forward to and enjoy.Tim was always available for clarifications and questions that we had before and after the event. On our wedding day we only remember noticing Tim a couple times, but he managed to capture all the important parts of our day, and did so with a classic, yet fun style. His tasteful use of camera angles, editing techniques and framing of shots really made some already lovely scenes appear extraordinary on film. The highlight montage is truly a treasure. We are amazed by how well he captured the feel and significance of all the things that were so meaningful to us. From the quaint church where the ceremony was performed, to the fun and casual atmosphere of our waterfront reception, to our custom designed wedding rings and handmade programs. He highlighted everything beautifully! His carefully edited footage was tailored to our music selections perfectly. Tim made a point to include all our close family members and attendants in a mix of planned poses and lots of candid shots - which we loved most.We stopped at a local beach for photos after the ceremony and then boarded a boat to the reception. Tim happily followed us along a footpath through the woods, across a field to a beach, and climbed down on a dock to get all the best shots of us - carrying his gear along the way. He did it all with a smile and a laugh and we felt immediately comfortable with someone we had just met. It helped us to relax and enjoy our day.The menu options on the DVD exceeded our expectations. It's convenient to skip around to different key events. Tim did a nice job of incorporating some of our favorite songs into the running footage, but we actually love the option of turning off the music, listening to everyone's conversations, and laughing over all the things we had missed the day of the wedding.Watching our video together brings back all the emotion and excitement of the day, and we are grateful to have this work of art to share with the many family members and friends from across the country who were unable to witness the events first hand. With this video they are actually able to relive this unforgettable day with us.With many thanks and sincere appreciation, Matt and Liz



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