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About Tim

I love film.  I love movie-making, editing and working in new and varied environments.  When I film, I am true to the experience around me, while helping to shape the story, bring out vibrant colors, the smallest details and subtlest movements that define a scene.


Stunning movies do not require over-embellishment.  No flying-hearts in weddings!  I have even moved away from using as many color filters and effects in postproduction in favor of a more narrative-based story (still with beautiful coloring and composition, of course).  I am true to your day -- your wedding, your performance, your event, or your testimonial, while adding an artistic touch that will enhance the narrative and make you smile.


My years of experience include over a decade of filming, and hundreds of (all quite varied) weddings and performances to learn from.  I've learned enough about weddings to be able to anicipate a next move and yet am always ready for an unexpected and unique moment.  In fact, I'm especially eager to find what makes something different and unique in your story!  My background as a musician (classical piano, singing and work in the performing arts at Waring School), has added inestimably to my approach to filmmaking and videography.


I look forward to helping to tell your story.  Please be in touch!


Tim Bakland


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